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Old South Military Antiques

I (Shannon Pritchard) lived on the battlefields around Richmond, Virginia, from the time of my birth in 1962 until 2022, when I decided that the woke Virginia had no redeeming qualities and I moved to Arkansas to find the Southern society that I grew up with. I have been hunting and collecting Confederate antiques for forty years and have been a full time Confederate Antiques dealer for twenty five years. My love of all things Confederate prompted me to found, which has grown into the largest all Confederate antiques dealership in the world.

I have authored many dozens of articles relating to the authentication, care and conservation of Confederate antiques, including several cover articles for North South Trader's Civil War, The Civil War Courier, The Civil War News and other War Between the States periodicals, and am the author of the definitive work on Confederate collectibles, the widely acclaimed Collecting the Confederacy, Artifacts and Antiques from the War Between the States, and the co-author of Confederate Faces in Color. I am a current Vice-President of the Civil War Dealers and Collectors Association Board of Directors.

I also do speaking engagements relating to the investment opportunities, joys and pitfalls of collecting Confederate memorabilia. I am a current, or past member, of the American Society of Arms Collectors, the Civil War Preservation Trust, the Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association, the Captain William Latane Camp Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Museum of the Confederacy, the North American Vexillogical Association, the National Rifle Association, the Southeastern Arms Collectors Association, the Hanover Historical Society, the Southern Historical Society and the Texas Gun Collectors Association. I used to support and do consultations for the Museum of the Confederacy, before we were betrayed and the museum sold out to the American Civil War Center at Historic
Tredegar. I now recommend and support the Fort Worth Civil War Museum and Confederate Memorial Hall in Louisiana, as well as the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy.

We provide museum, private and corporate consultations for authenticity and market value.

Me (Shannon), my wife Lesia and son Caleb are all part of making Old South Military Antiques, LLC the premier online site for original Confederate antiques in the world.

May God Bless You and Yours,
Shannon, Lesia & Caleb Pritchard

I run my business differently than most; I believe that I am providing a service, not just selling a product. My job is to find the defects and report them, not cover them up and hope no one notices. You can rest assured, that if I do not point out a problem/negative, with an item, the problem does not exist.