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Old South Military Antiques

1. Descriptions: A picture is worth a thousand words. If you desire a more detailed description, please call me.

2. Sale Conditions: All weapons are collectibles; not intended for actual use. Phone orders will be accepted for all items and held for a Maximum of 7 days.

3. Return Policy: If you wish to return an item you must notify me within 3 days of receipt. The item must be received in the same condition as at time of purchase and within 7 days after refund request. Then I will happily refund your payment, less the cost of shipping.

4. Payment: Personal checks (must clear before shipment). We accept Cash, Wire Transfers, Visa and Master Card.

5. Sales Tax: Purchasers are responsible to pay applicable sales tax in their home state.
6. Layaway Plan: No return or refund on layaway items. 1/3 down up front, 90 days same as cash. For periods longer than 90 days, purchaser will be assessed 1% per month of their outstanding balance as of the last day of the month. A minimum of 5% must be paid each month. Accounts 90 days past due will be in default and all previous payments will be forfeit.
I make custom lay away plans to meet my customers' needs.
For example, on a $12,500.00 item: If you put 2500.00 down, I give you 90 days interest free to pay it off. Once it exceeds that 90 days, I begin charging 1% interest per month (12 % APR), calculated on the outstanding balance each month. This way the customer can pay as much or as little as suits them. You must pay a minimum of twice the finance charges. For example, the first month's interest would be $100.00, so I would require a 200.00 minimum payment to continue the lay away. Other than that, it's all up to your discretion.

7. Postage: $20.00 for items under $1,000.00 and free Fed Ex shipping on items valued at more than $1,000.00.

8. Buy/Sell/Trade: I buy single items or complete collections of TOP QUALITY artifacts.

9. Guarantee: All items are accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Old South Military Antiques LLC. All items are guaranteed original for five years from the date of purchase to the original purchaser.