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Old South Military Antiques

Confederate General Staff Sword
Item #: OS-7909

The General Officer’s Sword shown here was made in England expressly for the Confederate States of America. It was made on the British Model 1822 officer sword pattern with the standard iron basket and infantry horn motif. Because the sword was purchased by the Confederacy, the London maker cut out the engraved infantry horn that was centrally located in the basket and soldered in an iron disc engraved with the Confederate droop winged eagle, emblazoned with CSA across its breast and surmounted by the eleven stars of the Confederate States. The blade was beautifully etched with the Confederate "droop winged” Eagle, again with CSA across its breast, and surmounted by eleven stars, representing eleven Confederate States. The firm name and address, S. Isaac, Campbell & Co., are etched into the ricasso.

This General Staff model is exceedingly rare; by my experience, rarer even than the English made Confederate Naval Officers’ swords.

S. Isaac, Campbell & Co. supplied numerous articles of war to the fledgling Confederacy; they were in fact the Confederacy’s largest supplier. Working through Major Caleb Huse, Samuel Isaac provided millions of dollars’ worth of arms including knapsacks, cartridge boxes, belts, cap boxes, swords, buttons, firearms, cloth, shoes and a myriad of other supplies of English manufacture. Occasionally, examples of these arms and accoutrements are found bearing the Isaac & Campbell firm’s maker mark. The swords provided by the Isaac firm are some of the most beautiful and desirable of the Confederate era. When viewing the prominent Confederate motif guard and the bright Confederate droop wing eagles on each side of the blade, in addition to the Isaac’s War era firm name and address, it is easy to see why they are so sought after.

The sword is completely original and unaltered. The shagreen grip is complete and solid with the exception of the small chips shown in the images. The brass wire wrap is complete and tight. They used copper because these were originally silver plated. The exquisitely engraved guard is perfect; the blade’s etchings bright and bold. The original scabbard is perfect.

Usually when these are seen, the disc in the guard has been replaced, this is one of the few with the original disc.

This was part of an award winning display at the spring American Society of Arms Collectors meeting.
Price $24,000.00 USD