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Old South Military Antiques

C S “Rope Border” Waist Belt
Item #: OS-7948

The Confederate waist belt pictured here is known as a "Rope Border” because of the twisted rope design encircling its inner border. The plate was manufactured by die stamping the pattern into a thin sheet of brass, then trimming the scrap brass left around the border by hand with shears. Three hooks were then cut out of the remaining scrap, which were then soldered in place.

This style of plate was issued to Confederate infantrymen serving in the Western theatre. It is believed to have been made at the captured Baton Rouge US/CS Arsenal, however this is not certain. The arsenal and the adjacent Baton Rouge Barracks were surrendered to Louisiana State Militia forces on January 10th, 1861, and later in 1861 were transferred to the Confederate Government’s control. On August 5th, 1862, the Union forces took back the barracks and arsenal and held if for the duration of the war.

This non-excavated Rope Border plate has an honest, original and beautiful patina on the face and very visible, and desirable striations on the reverse. The plate is perfect in all regards.