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Old South Military Antiques

Noble Brothers C. S. A.
Item #: OS-7854

The Noble Brothers Foundry was built around 1855 by James R. Noble, Sr., and manufactured railroad locomotives, as well as mining and milling engines before the War Between the States. Once the South was invaded, they converted to war material which included cannon, military buttons, caissons and carriages. They are best known for producing brass cannon, and pewter CSA belt plates like that shown below.

These buckles are infrequently encountered in any condition because the pewter they were made from tended to become brittle with age, and usually when encountered they are broken or badly deteriorated.

This example is no exception, it has been broken and restored. It appears to me that it was broken almost down the middle.

Repaired plates are not an investment, merely place holders. If you don't pay too much, you can get your money back out of them, but they do not appreciate at the rate of unbroken examples. On the other hand, perfect examples sell for 12k plus.

Price $4,900.00 USD