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Old South Military Antiques

CS Bridle Bit
Item #: OS-7754

The Confederate bit shown here is the rarest of Confederate bridle bits. It was made in England circa 1860 for the newly formed Confederacy. Very few of this rare, 1860 pattern survive and almost none in non-excavated condition. The "C” cheek bosses are somewhat more frequently encountered. These are invariably excavated in Virginia Cavalry camps. There are two schools of thought regarding these bits: one, that they were only for Confederate officers; two, that they were issued to the very first Virginia Cavalry that entered Confederate service and served in the cavalry arm of the Army of Northern Virginia. In either case, this is the most widely recognized and sought after Confederate bit. This one has seen service, but it is in perfect condition. Often when you see these for sale, one or both bosses are excavated and have been put on an existing bit, this one is all original. The bosses are original to the bit and remain tight. There has been no restoration whatsoever; with the exception of light cleaning of the bosses, the bit is just as though the cavalryman hung it up on his barn wall in 1910 and its stayed there until recently.

Price $5,500.00 USD