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Old South Military Antiques

Published Mississippi
Item #: OS-7891

  Page from Confederate Belt Buckles and Plates

With War looming on the horizon, the Mississippi legislature authorized the raising of State troops and designated $150,000.00 to arm and equip the new troops. Mississippi was able to purchase 900 oval waist belt plates and matching cartridge box plates from Emerson Gaylord of Chicopee, Massachusetts in late 1860 or early in 1861. At the same time, Mississippi purchased enough of these rare officer’s sword belt plates to supply the officers of those 900 men. Assuming this was for nine, one hundred man companies, that had a captain and two lieutenants per company, plus a Colonel, Lt. Colonel and Major, there were only thirty of these plates delivered. Admittedly, I cannot claim an exact number, but at worst case, my number will be within just of few plates, give or take. When you consider the foregoing, you can see why these are so very rare today.

This excavated example is the exact plate shown in Confederate Belt Buckles and Plates on page 154. It still retains its body curve and is in perfect condition.

Price $15,000.00 USD