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Old South Military Antiques

Georgia Belt Plate
Item #: OS-7781

In 1860 the state of Georgia purchased one thousand sets of accoutrements from Ames Manufacturing Company. Ames then subcontracted them to Emerson Gaylord. Each set was accompanied by a cartridge box plate and a belt plate of this pattern.

The plates bore the State Seal of Georgia. The seal displays a symbolic image of the Constitution as an arch that is supported by three pillars. "Wisdom, Justice, Moderation". The rights enshrined in the Constitution are symbolically protected in the seal, by a guardian standing ready with a drawn sword. Just before the War, Georgia’s leaders cast "moderation” to the wind and the other two pillars collapsed during the War. And thus in 1861 did Georgia’s sons go forth to protect the sacred rights won by their fathers in 1776. Georgia’s citizen soldiers did their utmost to defend their three founding principles, though in the end, all three were crushed.

This plate was sold by another dealer whose information will come with the plate. He advertised it as having no restoration, but in my opinion, it has had some measure of restoration. I cannot see where it has been restored, but in my opinion, it has been artificially colored at least a little bit, and there is no reason to do that unless it had some restoration. Consequently, I am selling as restored.

Price $4,500.00 USD