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Old South Military Antiques

99.9% Richmond Armory Rifle Musket
Item #: OS-7923

  Crisp markings

  Beautiful Gun

  Note the complete barrel date

  Very little burnout

  Iron nose cap

  As you can see the patiina is untouched

  Georgous wood!

  Note the crack under the lock

  Untouched brass

  Sharp edges

  Note the pin holding the inserted tip

  Richmond Stock

The parts and machinery taken at Harper’s Ferry in April of 1861 were transported to Richmond, Virginia and set up in the old Virginia Armory. The state of Virginia transferred the armory to the Confederate Government in August, 1861 and from that time forward the facility was known as the Richmond Armory. The Richmond Armory was by far the most prolific maker of arms for the Confederacy. The rifles and rifle muskets made at the Richmond Armory are the most widely recognized and sought after long arms of the Confederate era.

Improvements were being made so rapidly that slight variations exist in the profile, markings, and the materials used in the construction of the early Richmond rifle muskets. These variations allow the modern collector to more specifically identify the date of manufacture of a particular arm. In the case of this example there are several distinctive clues as to the date of manufacture. The most obvious is the year 1863 stamped into the lock. Second, it has a screwed on iron nose cap, unusual for an 1863 gun, indicating early production. Third, the condition of the "P” proof mark that appears on the left barrel flat does not show any deterioration of the stamping die; later in 1863 the "P” begins to show deterioration. These, taken together, make it clear that this gun was manufactured in the first few months of 1863.

The gun is in such exceptionally good condition that the barrel date, 1863, remains clear. Because the barrel date is present, and it has the sight cutout, one can be assured that it is a Richmond rolled barrel. The rear sight is also of Richmond manufacture, identified by the Richmond centering post. All of the iron barrel bands are marked with the Richmond, off-center U. The ramrod is an original Richmond ramrod, but the tip was damaged, perhaps by bullet or shrapnel. The armory cut the tip off and replaced it with an inserted and riveted cast brass tip. Since that time a collector, not understanding that it was a wartime repair, removed the brass tip and tried to reform the iron tip, resulting in the misshapen tip you see today. It is however its original Richmond made ramrod; in good condition except for the last inch or so.

The rifle musket’s stock lacks the Maynard primer mortise which affirms that it is a Richmond Armory manufactured stock. The wood is in beautiful condition except for a surface crack that runs from the bottom front of the lockplate to the front of the trigger guard. The original sling swivels are complete and the action works perfectly and crisply.

When I purchased the gun, it had the noted ramrod alteration, and a reproduction hammer screw, but was otherwise all original. I replaced the hammer screw with an original period replacement, it is otherwise as made and as found. The patina is totally untouched and beautiful.

I once had someone contact me after reading a description like the above in which I delineate each part because they had the idea that it was a parts gun because I had described each part. That is exactly opposite of the truth, I describe each part so that the buyer can know that this is the way the gun left the Armory. The mechanics, sight, swivels all work perfectly.

This is a beautiful, and 99.9% original, (with the exception of the noted ramrod tip, and one screw) Richmond Rifle Musket. I have literally spent more than two years looking for a 100% Richmond, I recently found just one. So, accepting a 99.9% gun might be the best option unless you are willing to wait years for a better example. I know, I know, you can find plenty that are described as all Richmond, but I mean examples that really are all Richmond.

Price $22,000.00 USD