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Old South Military Antiques

Huge Confederate Bowie Knife
Item #: OS-7938

  Note the nearly identical cross guard

This massive 21.70 inch Bowie knife has a long 5.25 reverse edge and is 2.20 inches wide. Significant forging folds can still be seen in both sides of the broad blade. (shown in pictures also) The blade passes through a forged iron cross guard with neatly rounded finials. The tang is set into a tiger maple grip, bound with a soldered brass ferule. The knife is totally untouched and remains as tight as the day it was made. It has a rich untouched patina throughout. It is still sheathed in its original leather scabbard. The scabbard has two defects; the belt loop is separated at the top and a small piece of the throat’s corner, holding the top rivet was cut off (I say cut off, because the scabbard is too supple to have allowed it to break) and has been put back together with glue. Otherwise, the scabbard’s body is strong and flexible.

The scabbard has a leather reinforcing toe and lead rivet seam protectors, which are so often seen on Confederate knives.

Price $5,500.00 USD