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Old South Military Antiques

NEW PICTURES Confederate Artillery Officer’s Cap
Item #: OS-7726

The Confederate cap shown here has an interesting history. This cap, another cap that is black, signifying medical corps, and a child’s cap all turned up at an estate sale in Arkansas. All three caps were obviously made by the same person and used the same braid, chin strap, liner, visor and buttons. Both of the adult caps were the same size. It is surmised that its Arkansas owner went into Confederate service as a Lieutenant of Artillery before being transferred to the Medical Corps with the rank of Surgeon. With careful examination of the Arkansas records a researcher may be able to identify the original War era owner of this cap.

The cap’s side and top are made of dark blue broadcloth; the one inch wide red band is made of wool broadcloth. The cap is lined with black silk which is now loose and has significant insect damage; this of course does not affect the visual appeal of the cap, but lowers the price considerably, making this an exceptional bargain. The cap’s top is stiffened with pasteboard. The sweatband is made from plain, black leather and stands one and one-half inches. The chin strap is made of a three-eights inch wide, flat, gold braid, attached by two small ball buttons. The single strand braid and quatrefoil designate the rank of Lieutenant.

The cap is completely original and unaltered in any way. There is minor moth damage to the cap’s body. All of the stitching is tight and unaltered.

The cap comes with both an examination report and a complete dye and textile analysis. Both of which positively identify this as a Confederate Artillery Officer’s cap worn during the War Between the States. The style, cut and vibrant color combine to make this an extremely attractive example a Confederate soldier’s cap.

It has been brought to my attention that on some screens the red appears pink, it is not, it is bright red.

Price $12,800.00 USD