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Old South Military Antiques

Rare Macon CS Marked Short Sword
Item #: OS-7910

  Perfect Stud

  Perfect toe.

  S & B on left, Arty on right

The foot artillery sword shown here is justifiably believed to have been made by W. J. McElroy in Macon, Georgia, even though no maker marked examples exist. Both E. J. Johnston and W. J. McElroy are known to have manufactured both cavalry and officer’s swords in Macon, Georgia. E. J. Johnston, who is identified by some few maker marked examples, produced a nearly, but not quite identical, artillery sword which is found sheathed in an identical scabbard. Because of the similarity of the two, and that these two makers are known to have shared craftsmen, and more significantly, because some of this pattern, like that shown here, bear a Macon, GA, C.S. inspectors stamp, it is generally assumed that the short sword shown here was made by W. J. McElroy, even though no maker marked examples have come to light.

There are only a few known that have the CS inspector marking at the ricasso like the one shown here. As you can see from the accompanying images, the CS is very much like, if not identical, to those put on by the inspector that stamped the Spiller & Burr revolvers in Macon; only the stamps in this short sword did not go as deeply into the iron as it did into the brass of the Spiller & Burr Revolver.

There are probably many more examples of this CS marked short sword residing in Confederate collections, but the blades are not pristine enough to see them, or they have not been examined carefully enough. (if you have one, go check, and let me know if you have one) This example’s stamp is very clear.

This sword is in nearly perfect condition; the grip is completely tight and retains its deep, rich, natural patina. The semi bright blade has never been cleaned and is perfect except for very small edge nicks. The sword is still sheathed in its original wooden scabbard with tin mounts and a lead finial which still has most of its original black japan. It too is perfect, but for some missing tacks. Even the scabbard’s brass stud remains tight. This example is perfect; I don't believe there can be any better examples that bear the CS stamp, though there may be some few that exceed its exceptional condition that do not bear the CS stamp.

I have an example of this same sword, not in as good condition on this same website, however it lacks the desirable CS stamp, but is the same sword, and that example can be purchased for only $2,650.00
This example is nearly doubled in price from the other, but is exceptionally rare and desirable and is more suited for the super advanced collector