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Old South Military Antiques

Confederate Cartridge Box
Item #: OS-7751

People that are unfamiliar with mid-nineteenth century military weaponry generally have the impression that soldiers carried a powder horn or some variation of one. In reality, soldiers were issued cartridges consisting of a paper tube, filled with a powder charge and ball. These paper cartridges were issued in paper packs of ten. Because they were made of paper, the cartridges were very fragile and even a slight wetting would ruin them; therefore, it was necessary that they be carried in a leather box which served to keep the cartridges dry. The box also served to keep out sparks during the heat of battle. Should a spark enter the box, the resulting explosion would severely injure or kill its owner. Basically, each soldier had a bomb strapped to his waist and only this box to keep it from igniting.

This box is designed to be used either as a musket box (carried on a sling) or a rifleman’s box (carried on a belt), having both vertical and horizontal belt loops, plus buckles.

The box has a large, bulbous brass finial, found only on Confederate boxes. The outer flap is perfect, strong and supple, but the latch tab is missing. All of the stitching remains tight. The inner flap is complete, strong and supple and tightly retains both ears; the one on the right has been reattached, but done so well that I would not have noticed had not the owner told me so.. The tin liner is not present. The tool pouch and incredibly, its cover flap and tab are complete and strong. The buckles are intact and their straps strong and undamaged.

I think you will seldom see such a nice box at such a reasonable price.
Price $2,600.00 USD