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Old South Military Antiques

Two Piece Richmond Belt
Item #: OS-7752

The CS two piece buckle on this belt is easily recognizable by the unique beveled corners on the belt loops. The buckle is known as a "Richmond beveled loop” two piece. We know it is a Richmond, Virginia product, because it is identical to other more common two piece buckles manufactured in Richmond, with the exception of the beveled loop corners. It is unknown with certainty why this pattern is much rarer than the standard "Richmond” two piece. It may be that these were intended for officer’s use or because they were intended for retail sale as opposed to the more common "Richmond” pattern which was sold under government contract for issuance to the cavalry. Since they had to furnish their own equipment, the militaria retail market was primarily directed at officers, and this may have been a way to set them slightly apart from the enlisted belts. This could also explain why this buckle is on such a high quality belt, which was almost certainly intended for sale to an officer. The belt is like the pre-war militia officer’s style and the stitching is original.

The exceptionally attractive buckle and belt are completely original and unaltered. The stitching remains tight; the belt is supple and has no weak places at all.