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Old South Military Antiques

Virginia Style CS “Egg”
Item #: OS-7825

There are two styles of the CS "Egg”. When viewed from the front, the two are virtually identical. When viewed from the back they are easily distinguishable. The back of the Army of Tennessee style utilizes telegraph wire bent into a three pronged, wire frog and soldered directly to the back of the stamped plate. The Tennessee style is generally found in post 1862 Army of Tennessee camps and battlefields.

The plate shown here is the style issued to the Army of Northern Virginia. The Army of Northern Virginia style also uses telegraph wire to form the belt hooks, but it has a lead filling to give the plate strength and to attach the wire frog to the plate.

The Virginia "Egg” plates are found in early war Virginia camps and battlefields. From various clues, I am convinced that this particular "Egg” is on its original belt. The belt is particularly strong and attractive. The buckle has one broken hook; this defect caused me to recognize it as one that the late Steve Mullinax, author of Confederate Buckles & Plates, owned more than thirty years ago. It has a beautiful patina and has not been beat up or marred in any way, but has numerous light scratches on the face consistent with use.