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Old South Military Antiques

Holy Grail of Confederate Canteens
Item #: OS-7878

CS embossed or impressed tin canteens are exceedingly rare. Several embossed models like the one shown here were found covering the faces of Confederate dead at Port Hudson, Louisiana. This pattern has long been thought to have been made in Louisiana, and an original turned up a few years ago with a Texas/LA identification.

In ten years of actively searching public and private collections for examples of this canteen pattern, I have discovered only five non-excavated canteens bearing the CS embossment.

This is the most sought after and desirable of all the Confederate canteen patterns because of the large CS embossed on the front and rear faces.

The canteen’s condition is excellent. The tin is solid and all soldering is intact and solid; the canteen would still hold water today. It has not been cleaned or altered in any way. You will note that the CS is not square with the spout; this seems to be the norm
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