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Old South Military Antiques

“Swan Neck” Spur
Item #: OS-7864

This brass, CS-20 designated, "Swan Neck” spur is very similar to the spur style designated as CS-4, but has an arched or "swan” neck. Given their one-inch, 12-point rowel in common, they may have come from the same manufacturer. The one listed inHistoric American Spurs by Howard Crouch was excavated near Shiloh, Tennessee.

This specimen is either excavated, or possibly an early battlefield pickup, and has a hand-cut 15-point 1.18” (30 mm) rowel, which is attached with a brad head pin. The strap slots exhibit substantial wear inside the upper openings, where they have become rounded at the ends from use. The sides of the neck are filed flat. The patina is uniform overall, with some finishing marks evident on the interior. The spur is 73.6 mm wide and 130.2 mm long, excluding the rowel.

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