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Old South Military Antiques

Type II Georgia Armory D-Guard
Item #: OS-7900

The D-Guard knife shown here was made at the Georgia Armory in Milledgeville, Georgia. Early in the War the state of Georgia took over the old penitentiary in Milledgeville and turned it into an armory. There they produced muskets, bayonets, swords and knives, though it was a very limited production. In the fall of 1864, the armory was burned by the 3rd Wisconsin Infantry under Sherman’s direction.

This knife and scabbard has long been recognized as a Confederate Armory product because of its form and the materials used in its construction, but only recently were they positively identified as having come from the Georgia Armory at Milledgeville. This positive identification came about as a result of a very nice example of this pattern being brought into the Antiques Road Show by the descendants of one of Sherman’s plunderers. The Yankee had pasted a label to the scabbard that told of the knife’s history. The inked label reported that the knife and hundreds like it were taken from the Milledgeville Armory.

There are four different patterns listed in Confederate Bowie Knives by Josh Phillips and Jack Melton, which I highly recommend. This is designated as a Type II by the author. This Type II Georgia Armory D-Guard is 22.5 inches in length; and looks to have lost a quarter inch of its tip. The knife has a bright blade that has not been cleaned. The grip and the guard remain as tight as when the knife was made. The blade was filed and polished to take out a damaged edge, but it was done during its time of active service and it has a truly untouched finish. It fits its original scabbard perfectly, and the scabbard is in excellent condition, retaining its belt loop and all of its original pewter rivets.

It is one of the few Confederate D-Guard knives whose maker is positively identified. The knife was used harder than most during the War, but it remains in very good, untouched, original condition.

Price $6,600.00 USD