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Old South Military Antiques

Massive CS Bowie in its Original Tin Scabbard
Item #: OS-7675

The pictures do a poor job of conveying the massive size of this eighteen inch long Confederate Bowie knife with a two inch broad. Spear-point blade.

The maker of this knife is unknown; however, his workmanship and especially his design show him to be skilled in the art of knife making. The wooden grip is seated on an iron, diamond shaped cross guard and is capped by an oval, iron pommel washer. The spear point blade is strictly a fighting/military design; it is virtually useless as a carving or hunting knife. The maker’s knives are generally identifiable by the shape of the blade and grip, but other makers used similar shapes. What is most distinctive is the diamond shaped, cross guard. His scabbard is very well formed and constructed of tin.

Both the knife and its scabbard are in exceptionally good condition; the blade has no nicks, nor has it been sharpened or repointed, but it has been cleaned in the not too distant past.

Price $4,900.00 USD