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Old South Military Antiques

Near Pristine Mitchell & Tyler Foot Officer's Sword
Item #: OS-7683

Boyle & Gamble of Richmond, Virginia was the Confederacy’s most prolific maker of officer’s swords and the company’s field and staff officer’s sword is easily the most recognized sword produced during the Confederate era. The firm made swords for retail sale as well as government contracts. The company also supplied their high quality officer’s swords for resale to jewelry and military outfitter, Mitchell & Tyler, located on Main Street in Richmond, Virginia. Mitchell & Tyler did no manufacturing, but sold the very finest swords, belts, buttons, and even laces and silverware. In short, they sold everything and more, necessary for the dapper Confederate Officer.

The shape of the grip, the double twist brass wire, the ivy pommel and the decorated mounts on the scabbard of the sword shown here positively identifies this as a rare example of high grade Boyle and Gamble sword made for Mitchell and Tyler.

The sword has a deep, original untouched patina, a bright blade without a visible nick, nor has it ever been repointed. The hilt retains a one hundred percent complete and original leather grip wrap and double twist brass wire that remains tight. The blade retains the original throat washer; the hilt remains tight. The sword is still sheathed in its original high grade scabbard with ornate mounts. The surface of the scabbard has much crazing but the scabbard is exceedingly strong; the mounts remain tight; all stitching is tight. Even with the crazing, it is an exceptionally nice scabbard.