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Old South Military Antiques

Virginia Two Piece Sword Belt Buckle
Item #: OS-7669

The seal of Virginia was first adopted at the beginning of the War Between the States in 1861. The design had been used unofficially for decades, but Virginia wanted to make it clear she was only fighting in defense of her liberty, not to overthrow the government. The two piece sword belt buckle shown here bears the Virginia state seal with the motto "Sic Semper Tyrannis,” which translates to, Thus ever to Tyrants. The seal depicts Virtue standing on the throat of a defeated tyrant. It is fitting that the assassin John Wilkes Booth shouted "Sic Semper Tyrannis” as he leapt over the balcony at Ford’s theater after having shot the tyrant who had subjugated the South and made War on innocent women and children.

This example, having a die-struck central disc depicting Virtus with an upraised sword, is one of the buckles purchased and used by Virginia officers in the years immediately prior to, and during, the War. The buckle is finely crafted and heavily gilted. Though the worn gilt clearly shows that the buckle was well used, its condition remains perfect.

It would be very difficult to upgrade this stunning example.

Price $5,500.00 USD