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Old South Military Antiques

Wreath for Mississippi Coin Style CS Two Piece Sword Belt Buckle
Item #: OS-7575

When Mississippi seceded in January of 1861, Governor Pettus ordered the state militias to rendezvous in Jackson, Mississippi to equip and train. The Vicksburg Sharpshooters from Vicksburg and the Noxubee Blues from Noxubee County, Mississippi both answered the Governor’s call. This meeting would be the only time that the two units would serve in the same area. The Vicksburg Sharpshooters would go on to become part of the 12th Mississippi Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia. The Noxubee Blues would become Company H, 5th Mississippi and serve in the Army of Tennessee. This is very strong circumstantial evidence that both the VSS and NB buckles were manufactured in Jackson, Mississippi.

It is apparent by the construction of both the "VSS” and "NB” buckles that these and the "Coin Style” the wreath of which is shown here, were made by the same foundry in Jackson, Mississippi. These were then worn in the Western Theatre, as evidenced by the fact that they are almost exclusively found in areas where the Army of Tennessee campaigned.

The wreath measures 50mm tall, the loop 46mm tall. The inner diameter is 29mm. There are no repairs or alterations.

Price $900.00 USD