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Old South Military Antiques

Boyle & Gamble Field & Staff
Item #: OS-7604

Boyle & Gamble was the Confederacy’s most prolific maker of officer’s swords, and the company’s field and staff officer’s sword is easily the most recognized sword produced during the Confederate era. This sword is designated a Field and Staff Sword because of the C S cast into the guard. This is a throwback to the U.S. Regulation Field and Staff where officers, major and above, were authorized to carry such a sword. This was a very lax standard in the Confederate Army, where everyone used anything that they could get.

There is much symbolism cast into the counter guard of this sword. The corn represents the South’s agricultural base, the laurel wreath, the valor of the Confederate soldier and the star over "C S” is the rising star of the Confederacy.

This very good example retains most of its original leather grip wrap, as the pictures show, and the leather still has the sheen of its original patent. Its single strand, brass wire wrap is complete, original and tight. The guard has just a very slight amount of play. The underside of the guard is missing its throat washer so that you can see B&G’s bench number 20. The sword’s pommel is stamped 627, it is probably an early collection number, but I cannot say for certain what its meaning is; only that it was done long, long ago. The hilt has a beautiful natural patina that would be hard to beat.

The sword is sheathed in the correct, original, Boyle and Gamble scabbard, but it is not original to this sword. The scabbard is strong, complete, tight. It is an exceptionally nice B&G scabbard.

The sword’s blade is excellent, remains semi bright, has never been repointed and only has one nick. It was never etched; one small, and desirable B&G flaw line is visible at the ricasso.