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Old South Military Antiques

Complete CS Embossed Cartridge Box
Item #: OS-7582

The CS embossed cartridge box shown here is untouched and is original, complete with sling as found. Except for the crazing on the outer face, the box is in superb condition. It is complete and supple throughout, but the outer flap is badly crazed; it is not weak, stiff or in danger of breaking.

The sling is in excellent, strong and supple condition. It is clear from the various stitch lines, used and unused, that it was salvaged from other materials during the War, which adds to its charm because it so well displays the straights to which the Confederacy was pushed for supplies.

You will note the small wire on the back of the box. I recognize this as the hanging method of noted collector of Confederate accoutrements, Michael D. Kramer. You will find much of his extraordinary collection in Time Life’s Echoes of Glory, Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy.

The box and its sling are easily strong enough to mount on a mannequin for display.

Price $16,000.00 USD