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Old South Military Antiques

Kenansville 1st Model Cavalry Officer’s Sabre
Item #: OS-7533

Anyone who is familiar with Kenansville manufactured swords will readily recognize this sword’s scabbard as a Kenansville product. The sword is sheathed in what is commonly called a "Corn Pone”; a term coined by William Albaugh when describing the sword as "Southern as Corn Pone”. I am totally convinced that this pattern was made by Louis Froelich’s Confederate States Armory in Kenansville, North Carolina. It is one of the rarest of his products.

This is because Louis Froelich’s Confederate States Armory is known to have manufactured Bowies, Artillery and Naval Swords, Enlisted men’s swords, Cavalry Sabres, Foot Officer’s Swords and Field and Staff Officer’s Swords. It would seem that the firm would likely have manufactured a Cavalry Officer’s Sword also, does it not? And, when this sword is found in its original scabbard, it is always the exact same scabbard as other Kenansville products. Another important clue is the cast, but stamped appearing guard, something found only on Kenansville, 1st Model Cavalry Swords. Also, examples marked with Roman numerals like those found on other Kenansville products have been noted.

This example is in extraordinarily good condition. The blade remains bright except for natural carbon staining; it has not been polished to brightness, rather it has kept most of its original shine. The blade is very nice but it does have numerous nicks from sword play, which can be seen in the images. The guard and hilt remain perfectly tight. This grip is one of the few instances where the leather is worn through in many places rather than being chipped or coming off. It retains all of its single strand of copper wire wrap and it remains completely tight. It even retains its original throat washer. Its scabbard is perfect but for a couple of dents, and it retains most of its original black japan.

These swords when found are generally hard used. This example, though part of the grip wrap is worn through, is among the best of this pattern to survive.

Price $6,150.00 USD