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Jeb Stuart Letter to Nannie Price of Dundee
Item #: OS-7608

This letter is addressed to Nannie Price from Stuart’s Headquarters Camp Pelham, April 27, 1863. Stuart is introducing Lieutenant Robert Goldsborough to Nannie because Stuart had told him so much about her home, Dundee Plantation, in Hanover County, Virginia. Lieutenant Goldsborough was captured at the outset of the Battle of Brandy Station, after Stuart had instructed him to go examine a nearby ford. The Lieutenant mistakenly rode into the ranks of the Yankee cavalry because they were covered in Virginia dust from their long ride. Lieutenant Goldsborough was eventually exchanged, only to be killed at the very end of the War.

Stuart signed the letter K.G.S. for Knight of the Golden Spurs (after he received the pair of gold spurs from the Maryland woman). The 4 by 6 1/8 inch stationery has a manufacturer's watermark on it. There has been no alteration or restoration. A previous owner had penciled a collection number on the reverse.

The letter comes with a framed copy of the letter beside a copy image of Stuart's most well-known pose. It is framed using non-glare glass.

Price $5,500.00 USD