Old South Military Antiques

South Carolina Officer’s Sword
Item #: OS-7309a

The South Carolina officers sword is from the antebellum era, and I don’t pretend to know all about it.

I think that it is circa 1830-40. What I can say for certain is that it has gold inlaid etching on its wide blade. One of the panels depicts one of the variations of the South Carolina State Seal. It depicts two continental soldiers, one holding a pole with a Liberty Cap, standing behind the traditional shields below the Palmetto Tree Seal. In this case, instead of having the Latin motto around the shield at the base of the palmetto, it reads South Carolina around the border, and has a Palmetto Tree in the center of the left shield. The right shield has the Latin motto around another standing soldier.

There is a shield engraved into the top of the scabbard that has three lines of text in it and another below it, but try as I might I cannot make out the name or names.

The sword is in excellent condition, having a tight guard, all of the leather, with the exception of small loss at the edge of the birds head pommel. The triple strand wire remains and is tight in most places, but a couple of strands at the pommel and at the bottom ferule are loose. But for one nick, the blade is flawless. The scabbard does not have a single ding, but has one deteriorated spot, which I show in the photographs.

This is an exceptionally nice South Carolina Officer’s Sword at an exceptional price.