Old South Military Antiques

South Carolina Field & Staff Sword
Item #: OS-7600

This sword was made by William H. Horstmann of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the antebellum retail trade. South Carolina had a long and proud military tradition and its upper class militias and state troops were furnished with the best militaria the North and Europe had to offer.

This is one of their finer specimens. The slab grips are mother of pearl and it is surmounted with the rare Liberty head of Virtus. The hand guard is tight, having only a "click" as are the grips and shell. The decorated hand guard terminates in the pommel. The clam shell guard is decorated with one of the many variations of South Carolina’s state seal; this one featuring a large "1776” and Palmetto Tree. The base of the grip is decorated with a Gorgon.

The Gorgon, according to the legend, were ugly, terrifying monsters with wings, sharp claws and fangs and bodies which were covered with scales, like a dragon. They had deadly smiles and staring eyes. Gorgons were vicious monsters who remained undefeated, since anyone who saw their faces were instantly turned to stone.

The sword’s blade is beautifully fire blued and etched with panoply of arms, and vine/floral sprays which are inlaid with gold.

The sword’s original brass scabbard is deeply engraved for its full length, including the false mounts and the arrowhead stud. The scabbard is flawless. The top of the scabbard is stamped 425, which is a pattern number and below that it is stamped with Horstmann’s company stamp in block letters.

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