Old South Military Antiques

Ball Serifs CS Two Piece Belt Buckle
Item #: OS-7572

The Confederate two piece sword belt buckle shown here is listed in Steve Mullinax’s, Confederate Belt Buckles and Plates as a "Ball Serifs” style because of the pronounced balls at the ends of the letters. It is commonly referred to as the "Culpeper” style because many have been excavated in the Confederate cavalry camps around Culpeper, Virginia. Note the flat backed wreath, this is the only correct wreath for this pattern.

This pattern is much rarer than most realize. (Until they begin looking for one.) I have owned a minimum of 75 two piece buckles, but only three, or at the most four, of this pattern.

This excavated example is perfect. Though I do not know who excavated these, they appear to have been dug together, and I have no reason to believe otherwise. The buckle has a very deep, woodsy patina, the kind you really want; the kind no one questions, all can see it is genuine from 5 feet away.

This is the very best of this pattern.

Price $3,800.00 USD