Old South Military Antiques

Confederate Virginia Altered Mississippi Rifle
Item #: OS-7586

The Model 1841 rifle shown here was, prior to the War Between the States, originally a U.S. military arm, as denoted by the US stamp in the buttplate tang, however it has well known Confederate adaptations.

These Confederate alterations are discussed in detail in Confederate Rifles & Muskets, by Madaus and Murphy, pages 352 thru 358, with numerous examples being shown. These adaptations are only found in the Virginia theater and numerous examples have been excavated in positions of the Army of Northern Virginia.

The 4 Confederate features of this "Virginia" alteration of the US 1841 rifle made by E.WHITNEY in 1851 include:

#1 - The added saber bayonet lug, seen in the first three photos and #8 above.

#2 - Altered front strap of the 1841 nose-cap, which is also marked " T4".

#3 - The typical matching Confederate rework identification marks: "III" on the bottom of the breech and in the stock channel

#4 - A fine Confederate-made 1841 replacement ramrod with a solid brass tip.

There are also initials and dates scratched inside the patch box. "JKC 1861” Also "8484 and 1535 and 35, the meaning of these are unknown.

The rifle is in excellent mechanical condition and very good all over condition.

While we would prefer to have a Richmond or Fayetteville rifle as collectors, I am sure that the poor Reb who traded the flintlock that he was issued in 1861 was mighty proud to have it!

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