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Old South Military Antiques

Baton Rouge Arsenal Percussion Cap Pouch
Item #: OS-7570

Governor Thomas O. Moore ordered the state militia to seize the Federal Arsenal at Baton Rouge, and it was surrendered on January 11th 1861. The arsenal simply continued its manufacturing work with many of the same workers who had worked for the Federal Government, since the employees were almost all local Southerners. Shortly thereafter Louisiana legally seceded from the Union on January 26th, 1861, and joined the new Confederacy. The Arsenal was turned over to the Confederate Government and the weapons, ammunition and powder stored there as well as their new production rushed to the Confederate Armies. Since they were made in the old U.S. Arsenal and on the same machines, using the same molds, the cap boxes made at the Baton Rouge Arsenal had brass finials and two belt loops much like their Union counterpart. Fortunately, the arsenal did stamp their percussion cap and cartridge boxes with their place of origin. A little over a year later, in May, 1862, the invading Yankees recaptured the arsenal and held it for the remainder of the War.

This extremely rare cap box (I have not seen one for sale in decades) is in virtually perfect condition. It is totally complete, and all latch tabs, ears, belt loops and flaps are original and in excellent condition. The surface retains most of its glossy patent and the "CS ARSENAL BATON ROUGE LA” marking is second to none.

The pattern is super rare and the condition is flawless!

Not for Sale