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Old South Military Antiques

Confederate Made Knight’s Head Sword
Item #: OS-7303

This is not a militia sword; it is a Confederate sword. This is a one of a kind Confederate Officer’s Sword by Aaron Miles of Columbia South Carolina. At first glance it would be assumed that this was a South Carolina Militia Officer’s Sword, but closer examination reveals that it is a Confederate sword, used by a South Carolinian; an important distinction, because there is only one other known knight’s head pommel sword made during the Confederate era. This sword’s blade is not only etched with "S CAROLINA” and "C STATES”, it is etched with the maker’s name: "A. Miles” over "Columbia” at the ricasso. In addition, both sides are etched with floral patterns.
Aaron Miles is listed in the 1859 Columbia, S.C. business directory as a military tailor, located at 75 ½ Richardson Street. I do not believe Miles personally made the sword. There is no indication that he had the skill to do so, in fact my first thought was that it was made in the north and imported by Miles, but on close inspection, noting the poor casting, file marks, etc... I personally am convinced that Miles, or his workmen copied the hilt castings of an existing hilt, then added their own decorated brass Palmetto and that Miles etched it, but I believe it most likely that he used an existing blade and scabbard.
There is scattered, speckled carbon staining along the blade’s smooth surface, and the tip has been repointed long ago. I judge that it was done during or shortly after its serviceable life because the carbon staining where it was repointed is much darker than the blade itself. The blade does not have a single edge nick. The grip is made of bone and is surmounted by a brass knight’s head pommel. Both sides of the brass crossguard are ornately decorated with a brass, engraved Palmetto, set into enamel. The entire hilt remains as tight as when it was manufactured and it retains its original Morracan throat washer.
The sword is sheathed in its original all brass scabbard with a prominent raised five-pointed brass star soldered to it between the mounts. The scabbard’s body is ornately engraved with flames rising from the face that serves as a drag. It does not have a single dent or flaw though the mounts indicate a lot of use. It is perfect.
This one of a kind sword is a beautiful addition to any Confederate or South Carolina collection.
Price $5,500.00 USD