Old South Military Antiques

South Carolina Officer's Sword
Item #: OS-7301

  Note the Repair

The beautiful sword shown here was made by Ames Manufacturing. It is a circa 1840-45 South Carolina officer’s sword.

The blade is elaborately etched with flags in a panoply of arms, a winged eagle grasping arrows and holding a ribbon in its beak that is engraved E. Pluribus Unum, below a sunburst. Both sides are etched with floral patterns. There is scattered, light, salt and pepper pitting and speckled carbon staining. The ivory/bone grip is in perfect condition, and is surmounted by a brass knight’s head pommel. The brass crossguard is ornately decorated with the Liberty Pole and Cap of a free people, and a dove bearing the olive branch of peace. The langet is decorated with the Palmetto Tree portion of the South Carolina State Seal.

The sword is sheathed in its original all brass scabbard with an ornate stud; the scabbard’s body is ornately engraved with floral patterns and a large raised wing eagle bearing a shield with eight arrows flying from the bottom. The scabbard appears virtually perfect; the only imperfections are several light pushes in the brass, however under close scrutiny I discovered that a small crack in the reverse has been expertly repaired. (and is priced accordingly) A close up of the repair is shown in the photos above.

This is a very good example of a South Carolina Militia Officer’s sword, which would have been carried into the War Between the States.