Old South Military Antiques

CS Enlisted Accoutrement Belt
Item #: OS-7508

The most common accoutrement waist belt in the Confederate army was a standard belt that utilized a single tongue. There were many more of this style used by the Confederate soldier, but the survival rate is lower than CS marked specimens for several reasons. When the army surrendered, the privates turned over their arms and accoutrements to the victors. Many of those victors wanted to take a War souvenir home. They certainly would have preferred carrying a belt with a CS buckle home rather than a plain unmarked belt. Many CS marked belts were therefore saved in this manner. Another reason for the low survival rate of the plain utilitarian belt was simply that they were utilitarian. The South was destitute after the War and everything was in short supply. Returning Rebels not only needed draft animals to make a crop, they also needed harness. Consequently, most of these simple belts were adapted for farm use and were quickly worn out.

The waist belt shown below is a good example of the plain enlisted waist belt. It has a simple roller style buckle with a single movable keeper.

The surface leather is flaking some, but the belt is exceptionally strong and supple; there are no weak points.