Old South Military Antiques

Perfect CS Percussion Cap Box
Item #: OS-7506

Every Confederate Soldier that carried a gun had to have a waterproof cap box to store and protect a supply of percussion caps. A firearm without a cap was useless. All over the South, contractors sought to fill this need. Unlike their Union counterparts, which were virtually identical, Confederate cap boxes came in assorted sizes and materials.

The most common Confederate cap pouch is easily distinguishable from its Yankee counterpart by its single wide, leather belt loop and a lead closing finial. The Federal box uses two belt loops and a brass closure finial. The outer flap held the box closed and shed water. The inner flap has leather tabs sewn onto each end so that when closed, the box seals tight enough to keep out flying sparks or water.

The percussion cap box shown here is the classic Confederate manufactured and issued box. Notice the simplicity of the single belt loop design, and the utilization of lead as a closing finial. The leather is strong and supple. The stitching is all original and remains tight. The lead finial is secure and the washer remains in place on the interior. Both end tabs remain securely attached. Even the cover latch tab is unbroken, without the least stress line. The original wool static guard remains. The slit in the belt loop is original to the box’s manufacture, as the Confederacy used every scrap of leather that they had or could reclaim.

Confederate cap boxes used to be relatively easy to find, but over the last couple of years they have all but disappeared from the marketplace.

This one is perfect.