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Georgia Enfield
Item #: OS-7499

This Enfield Rifle Musket was purchased by the state of Georgia to equip her state troops. The "G” stamped into the right face of the stock indicates that the weapon was owned by the state of Georgia. There are two sizes of the Georgia marking; this is the smaller of the two stamps. There are only a handful of the small "G” for Georgia, marked Tower Enfield rifle-muskets surviving, and this is one of the best. Besides the "G”, the tang of the butt plate is stamped with the Confederate inventory number 1317. The gun has a very clear "G” marking it as a Georgia purchase, and it has a very clear JS Anchor stamp behind the trigger guard tang.

This rifle musket was in the second shipment to Georgia. It arrived on December 9th, 1861, at Nassau, on Gladiator. They were then loaded on blockade runners which successfully avoided the U.S. Navy and disembarked at New Smyrna, Florida, at the end of February, 1862. However, they never reached Georgia, as they were intercepted by Confederate officers who took charge of them. They were then shipped to Richmond and Tennessee.

How this example remained in such excellent condition is unknown, but it is certainly fortunate for the modern collector. The gun is completely original with the exception of the ramrod. The metal is excellent, retaining some finish. The "G” and the JS Anchor stamps are exceptionally clear.

Price $13,000.00 USD