Old South Military Antiques

Spiller & Burr Revolver
Item #: OS-6079

In November of 1861, Edward Spiller of Baltimore, Maryland and David Burr of Richmond, Virginia, along with Lt. Col. James Burton contracted to make revolvers for the Confederate Government. The factory was first set up in Atlanta, Georgia. The first guns were completed in December of 1862. The First Models proved unserviceable and a Second Model began production in the spring of 1863. Spiller & Burr continued production until January of 1864, when the C. S. Government bought them out and moved the armory to Macon, Georgia. The armory was closed permanently in December of 1864 due to pressure from Sherman.

During its short life-span, approximately 1,500 revolvers were completed. Number 1153 is shown here. The correct serial number can be found on the frame, arbor, barrel, backstrap and trigger; the trigger guard is number 476. The revolver has been in a house fire, which required the replacement of the grips with modern reproductions. The loading lever catch has a period alteration. The action works well it has a very clear "CS” stamping on the right side of the frame.

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