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Old South Military Antiques

LeMat Revolver Holster
Item #: OS-7483

  Note the imprint of the revolver's butt

  Kerr Holster, believed to be by the same maker

  Kerr Holster, believed to be by the same maker

The holster shown here was made by the Confederacy for the LeMat Grapeshot Revolver. The photographs speak for themselves, but I will point out that there are no alterations or repairs. The entire holster is soft and flexible, even the closure tab remains strong and pliable and the small metal buckle is in perfect working order. This is an excellent example of an extremely rare and desirable holster, so good that it would be virtually impossible to improve upon.

I have included images of a Confederate Kerr holster which I believe was made by the same manufacturer.

Those who have never spent years looking for a LeMat holster can have little conception of just how rare it is to find one on the collector’s market. During my several decades as a full time dealer in fine Confederate antiques I have seen more than a hundred surviving LeMat revolvers, but only three original LeMat holsters. I point this out so that you will understand, that if this is something that you want to display with your LeMat revolver, do not put it off; unless you are very young, you probably will not have another chance.

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