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Old South Military Antiques

North Carolina Sword Belt Buckle
Item #: OS-7441

The two piece tongue and wreath shown here was manufactured by Ames Mfg. Company just prior to the War Between the States. Its copper central disc is die-stamped with North Carolina’s 1793 Great Seal. The design was rooted in the liberty gained during the Revolutionary War; the very same liberty that North Carolina’s sons were fighting to retain 1861. The two figures on the disc are Liberty and Plenty. A recumbent Liberty holds the Constitution and a spear surmounted by a liberty cap, while a standing Plenty holds a cornucopia in one hand and sheaf of wheat in the other. A ship in the background represents commerce.

The number 19 above and 62 below are stamped into the wreath’s face. While its exact meaning is unknown, it appears to be a pattern number used by the Ames factory, as each of the few known examples of this buckle have the identical marking.

This buckle is widely recognized as among the most beautiful and desirable of the War Between the States era. It is also one of the rarest. There are five or less known to exist in the collector’s market.

Price $26,000.00 USD