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Old South Military Antiques

2nd Alabama Infantry Presentation Sword
Item #: OS-6937

The Leech & Rigdon "Extra Branch” staff & field sword shown here is etched with "Lt R. Y. Kirkpatrick Co. H 2ndAla Infantry Regt.” in a large panel and Leech & Rigdon’s typical floral/vine patterns. The sword is in very good condition, as is its original scabbard.

The blade is smooth from ricasso to point and the etching remains relatively clear. The guard is as tight as when it was manufactured. The original grip wrap is a thing of beauty; it is wrapped with painted canvas and two strands of twisted brass wire, both of which are one hundred percent complete and it has a wonderful, purely Confederate manufactured sword knot still attached. Its back stitched Leech &Rigdon scabbard too is in very good condition. There is some shrinkage of the leather which has allowed the point of the blade to penetrate the drag a bit. The leather is strong and supple and retains a good surface. It is in very good condition. One band and one ring mount is numbered 32, as Leech & Rigdon occasionally did.

The Second Alabama was known as the "Magnolia Regiment” and was formed at Fort Morgan, Alabama, in April, 1861. The regiment formed the garrison at Fort Morgan until March, 1862, and then moved to Fort Pillow in Tennessee, where they disbanded. Two or three companies joined other organizations almost intact, but most of the men distributed themselves among new regiments.

The only Kilpatrick that I can find it the Second Alabama is J. Y. Kilpatrick. I suspect, but can’t say for sure that the "R” in R. Y. was a mistake and should have been "J” Y. This is only speculation, but Y is a very unusual initial to be found it a given name. J. Y. Kilpatrick has only two surviving records, both of which are dated 1861, at which time he was a private. For some reason this seems to be the case with most of the regiment. Most members have only one, two or three, and very occasionally four or more records. Apparently, their records were mostly lost for some reason.

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