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Columbus, Georgia Cutlass
Item #: OS-7050

By comparison with other known Columbus Naval Iron Works products i.e., their naval cutlass and their large D-guard, it can be seen that this knife follows the same pattern. I do not think that this knife was a production knife made at the Iron Works, but more likely a knife made by one of the workman at the Works or a craftsman in close vicinity who copied the Iron Works pattern. Either way, it was almost certainly made in Columbus, Georgia.

This exact knife is shown on page 196 of Collecting the Confederacy. It is shown in the Naval Swords chapter for comparison with other Naval Iron Works products.

It is eighteen inches in overall length from pommel to point. An early one cent piece has been put on as a pommel washer identical to those found on the more common Columbus Iron Works cutlasses. These pennies are more commonly referred to as "large pennies” and predate the War, as do all of those found used as pommel caps on the Columbus cutlasses with wasp-waisted blades, having a ringed wooden grip and sheathed in painted canvass scabbards.

The blade has not been cleaned, yet it remains bright. Its spectacular tin scabbard fits like a glove, and could be for no other blade. There are two wire mounts soldered onto the scabbard so that it could be worn on a belt similar to a sword belt with short hangers. The scabbard is perfect and has an attractive natural patina.
Price $5,600.00 USD