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Old South Military Antiques

Stonewall Jackson’s Book of Scripture
Item #: OS-6710

Thomas’ father, attorney Jonathan Jackson died from Typhoid when Thomas was only two years old. Thomas’ mother remarried when Thomas was six years old, and Thomas went to live with his uncles for the remainder of his youth.

The Scripture History for Youth shown here was left to Thomas Jonathan Jackson by his father when he was a boy, and no doubt helped shape the remarkable man that he was to become.

The inscription, "Thomas Jackson, left to him by his father. Lexington” has been carefully examined under a microscope, and it was found that all marks/dirt/patina was on top of the inscription, which means that it was written early in the books life and is no doubt original, but I do not know who wrote it. It could have been his mother, or one of his uncles. It was not written by Jackson himself.

No doubt this book from his father was very comforting to him in those lonely years and greatly influenced his later life.

A CDV of Jackson comes with his book. The back cover is detached, but otherwise the book is in good condition.

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