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Old South Military Antiques

5th North Carolina Canteen
Item #: OS-7276

The Confederate Wood Drum canteen shown here is very neatly carved "J.F. Leonard Co C 5 Reg NC CSA” into one face, and simply "UJ” in a poor hand is carved into the other face.

There is a paper label affixed to the canteen’s face which simply reads: "JOHNNY” This was probably done by Yankee veterans to display it as a war trophy in a GAR meeting hall. Indicating that it was captured from J.F. Leonard during the War.

I have been unable to readily find the record for the soldier because he could be in the 5th infantry, 5th cavalry, or one of the units that absorbed the 5th NC, such as the 63rd North Carolina, or the 15th North Carolina and will take much research, for which I do not have the time, to track him down.

The canteen is in excellent condition, even retaining its original pewter mouthpiece. It is missing one of the sling loops. Though I have not identified the specific soldier, he was no doubt a brave son of North Carolina who did his duty to his state and people.

Not for Sale