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Old South Military Antiques

C S “Rope Border” Waist Belt
Item #: OS-7234

The Confederate waist belt pictured here is known as a "Rope Border” because of the twisted rope design encircling its inner border. The plate was manufactured by die stamping the pattern into a thin sheet of brass and then soldering three brass hooks onto the reverse. This style of plate was issued to Confederate infantrymen serving in the Western theatre.

These plates are rarely encountered in non excavated condition and when they are, they almost invariably are mounted on a Yankee belt; perhaps done during the war or perhaps put on recently by modern collectors. This plate appears to be on its original russet leather belt. Unlike its Yankee counter part it was never coated and still retains its original russet finish. The belt also has a line tooled into its upper and lower borders, a characteristic which is never found in its Yankee counterpart. The plate’s natural untouched patina has highlighted the belts outline, leaving what is termed a "ghost” of the belt; the presence of which indicates long and constant contact between the brass and belt.

The belt’s untouched, original condition is excellent, strong and supple throughout. It is perfection personified, flawless!
Ex Kramer collection.
Not for Sale