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Old South Military Antiques

S. C. Robinson Sharps Carbine Serial # 1265
Item #: OS-7239

Samuel C. Robinson was a prominent businessman in Richmond, Virginia who in a personal, patriotic and perhaps lucrative contract agreed to produce a breech loading Cavalry Carbine for the Confederate Government. He then set up his arms manufactory at Ninth and Arch Streets in Richmond. In the three months between December 1862 and March of 1863 when the Confederate Government took over the manufactory, Robinson produced just over 1900 breech loading Cavalry Carbines. For him to have produced 1900 high quality carbines in three months is remarkable by Confederate standards. Only 79 of the original 1900 are known to survive.

This is Robinson Carbine serial # 1265, it is an excellent example of the maker’s work. It is completely, 100% original, not even a screw has been replaced or altered. The right side plate is stamped: "S. C. ROBINSON ARMS MANUFACTORY RICHMOND, VA 1862”, in four lines, and serial number 1265. The breech block is original and is stamped 162 in two places. The underside of the barrel, and the sling swivel bar both carry the 1265 serial number, as does the frame tang. The barrel is stamped "S. C. ROBINSON ARMS MANUFACTORY RICHMOND, VA 1862”.

The carbine is in absolutely stunning original, untouched condition. Its only flaw is that the tip of the breech block pin is broken off. The metal is smooth and the wood unmarred except for the soldier’s initials "JB” carved deeply into the obverse face. A "JT” can be seen faintly carved into the stock face. The rifling is exceptionally strong, but is not bright, and has one area of pitting inside. A full examination report from the late, great Confederate firearm collector Fred Edmunds comes with the carbine.
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