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Perfect Western Theatre CS
Item #: OS-7227

Sometimes referred to as a "cast clip corner”, these belt plates are associated with the Western Theatre Armies, which served primarily in Tennessee and Georgia, before being pushed through the Carolina’s though fighting valiantly, as Sherman destroyed factories, farms and homes. The vandals doing near $100,000.000 worth of damage, only 20% of which was military, by Sherman’s own account. Consequently, these plates are excavated from Tennessee all the way down to Bentonville, North Carolina.

The plate shows wear front and back and much of its original black background paint on the buckle’s face remains. The plate has only been washed since it was excavated. It has a remarkably beautiful and deep patina and very evident grinding marks on the CS letters created by the factory finish on a whetstone.

Because so many cast Confederate belt plates on the market are forgeries, I will only buy those which speak so well for themselves that all who know what they are looking at would agree that it is authentic. This is one of those plates that speak very, very, well for its self, measuring 46 by 71 mm, and having the deepest dark patina possible. This corresponds with Mullinax number 125, Expanded Edition.
Price $4,500.00 USD