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Old South Military Antiques

Perfect Non-Excavated N.O. Louisiana Belt Plate
Item #: OS-7188

This waist belt plate bears the state seal of Louisiana; a mother pelican feeding her young from the blood of her own breast as do many Louisiana belt plates, but what makes this so very special is the N.O. under the seal, signifying that it was made for one of New Orleans elite units; most likely New Orleans’ most famous unit the Washington Artillery. Note also the scales hanging in balance in the background.

Louisiana, or rather, New Orleans was very prosperous prior to the War. The local New Orleans companies had the very best of accoutrements. Numerous of the antebellum Louisiana plates bore the motto "Justice, Union and Confidence” signifying that justice was of utmost importance in her laws. In this interesting adaptation, the Scales of Justice are depicted rather than the text. The prewar motto of Louisiana was "Justice, Union and Confidence” After the War the occupying forces forced the subject Louisianians to change their motto to: "Union, Justice and Confidence” making clear that justice was no longer to be tolerated as the highest ideal; Union had crushed all opposition and left justice bleeding in the dust. The latter motto is still used today in occupied Louisiana.

This non excavated example is perfect, absolutely perfect, not a ding, dint, or serious scrape or scratch, mars its deep, natural patina. Not only is this plate a "10” for its masterful detail, but it is a "10” for its perfect condition.
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