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Old South Military Antiques

"Famous" Large SC Belt Plate
Item #: OS-7186

The large oval South Carolina Waist Belt Buckle shown here is the rarest of the three SC ovals, rating an eight on the "Mullinax” rarity scale. This particular buckle is one of the most noted SC buckles extant. It is pictured on page 39, Volume XXII, No .2 of North South Trader’s Civil War Magazine. It is also pictured on page 37 of Relics of South Carolina and was once part of the renowned Topper collection.

The word "Glendale” carved into the back of the buckle indicates that it was picked up at the famous battle of that name, where the South Carolinian’s fought hand to hand, back and forth multiple times for control of a Federal cannon. The Carolinian’s took the cannon. A beautiful and famous plate!
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