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Old South Military Antiques

Republic of Texas Foot Artillery Sword
Item #: OS-7062

On January 22nd, 1840 the Republic of Texas purchased 40 Artillery swords and scabbards from N.P. Ames of Springfield, Mass., for $4.25 each. These swords were made on the U.S. Model 1832 Foot Artillery Pattern, that Ames, had been producing since 1832, the only variation being the exchange of the U.S. Eagle, for the Republic of Texas Star.

Ames utilized blades that had not passed U.S. inspectors; thus, this sword has the N. P. Ames, over Springfield, marking, but lacks U.S. inspector marks, nor does it have a year stamped into the ricasso.

I think it is in its original brass mounted, leather scabbard. The scabbard’s throat is missing the stud, and there is a weak place in the scabbard, just above the drag. It is not broken, or in danger of breaking, but it is soft, unlike the rest of the scabbard.

The blade is semi dark and has been filed, but the filing was so long ago, that the natural patina continues over the filed edge and the carbon staining is coming through it just as it is on the rest of the blade. I can’t say for certain it was done during the War, but it was long, long ago.

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