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Old South Military Antiques

Louisiana State Seal Waist Belt
Item #: OS-6970

Steve Mullinax, author of Confederate Belt Buckles and Plates, suggested that these plates were made locally in New Orleans between April 1861 and April 1862 when the city fell.

The plate bears the great seal of Louisiana, a mother pelican feeding her young from the blood of her breast, as do many variations of Louisiana belt plates. The note on the back reads: "Non Dug 1861-18-- Louisiana #37” I first though that the number related to a book reference, but I found that it did not match up to any of the known books containing CS buckles. It must have been the owner’s collection number.

The belt is the quintessential CS made belt. Note the distinct tool lines running along both upper and lower borders of the belt, this is never seen in Yankee produced belts.

Based on the wear, ghosts and configuration, there is no doubt that this plate is on its original CS belt. The belt is super strong and super flexible, its only flaw is the crazing of the surface patent.

All belts from OSMA LLC come on a custom form so that they can be handled, shipped or displayed.

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